Nockbike Region

The Nockbike Region comprises Bad Kleinkirchheim – Nockberge Mountains and Lake Millstätter See. From summiteers to pleasure cyclists – 20 years of Nockbike in the Nockberge Mountains and by Lake Millstätter See. For around 20 years, “Nockbike” has stood for a unique landscape of mountains and lakes far away from the mainstream cycling regions. The cycling experience extends from 2000 metre summits via challenging single trail descents through to comfortable cycling for families.

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Lake Millstätter See

Nestling in the gentle mountain world of the Nockberge National Park, the Millstätter Alpe, the Goldeck sports mountain and the Mirnock world mountain, the Millstätter See Region offers an ideal area for all cycling and biking fans.

Nockberge Mountains

In summer you can enjoy the wonders of nature to the full. The mild sunny climate on the southern side of the Alps could have been made for active sporting holidays in the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains.

Mountain Biking

Become a summiteer! The gentle mountain world of the Nockberge Mountains offers all a cyclist’s heart could desire.

Demanding freeride tours with exciting trails will take you up to the summits of the Nockberge Mountains at more than 2000 metres. Scaling summits by bike is a real rarity, but in the gentle Nock Mountains cyclists can experience the breathtaking panorama of the Carinthian world of mountains and lakes from high up too. The trails have not been created artificially, but lead along natural tracks.


18 Two Lakes Tour

A technically demanding tour in the valley region alongside two romantic lakes.

Road Cycling

The Nockberge Mountains are not just suitable for trekking cyclists or mountain bikers; they also offer some great stretches for road cyclists. Get yourself crowned as the “Nockalm king”.

In particular the striking shapes of the Nockberge Mountains with their lush, gentle mountain ridges and clean lakes create an ideal setting for all road cyclists. It doesn’t matter whether you want to conquer large differences in altitude or prefer tours around the lakes – here there is the ideal route for everyone. And don’t forget the “Carinthia Cycling Marathon Bad Kleinkirchheim”, which has taken place annually since 2009 and whose grandstands take the shape of the round Nockberge Mountains and Lake Millstätter See.


32 Tour to Lake Falkertsee

Perfect training stretch for road cyclists wanting to pump up their fitness, with an ascent with around 850 metres difference in altitude.

Pleasure Cycling and eBiking

An easier way to pedal through the Nockberge Mountains – Discover a new dimension of cycling with an eBike or trekking bike.

Conquer greater distances and gradients even on hot summer days with less effort. The easy and moderate stretches from the valley area up to mid-altitudes are suitable for ambitious eBikers, and with the greater operating range you can reach places that would otherwise be hard to get to on foot or with your usual bike.

There are numerous routes offering unforgettable highlights for all tastes. Family cycling alongside the lakes – boat shuttle included.


07 Timber Trail Trekking Tour

A circular tour with many views through the eastern Nockberge Mountains with numerous scenic and cultural highlights.