11 Carinthia Wealth of Water Tour

Lakes, streams, springs, thermal spas – experience the wealth of water in the Nockberge Mountains.

11 Kärnten-Wasserreich-Tour 


This 23 km tour starts from the charming little town of Feld am See and leads alongside a stream and small waterfalls into the Feldpannalm, from where you cross the “Maibrunn” mountain knoll and cycle to Bad Kleinkirchheim mainly on well secured gravel paths. From there you will head back via the climatic spa Obertweng towards Feld am See. Enjoy Alpine Wellness in the Bad Kleinkirchheimer thermal spas or finish off your day’s cycling in the wonderfully warm Lake Brennsee.



Discover the ancient ways of the everyday working life of mountain farmers at the annual “Zaunringbraten” on the Feldpannalm, where spruce branches are worked into rings over an open fire, and visit the new cheese dairy (June).


Nockbike 2011-09-22Map material: You will find more detailed information in the Nockbike map no. 11. Guided tours available several times a week at 2 ability levels with cycling technique training.

Difference in altitude: 1079 m
Distance: 23.4 km
Cycling time: approx. 4 hours
Endurance: difficult
Technique: average



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