Fair Play Rules

Experiencing nature also brings its own responsibilities. Recommendations for “gentle mountain cycling”!


  1. Take note of the existing mountain bike maps!
  2. Always cycle with a helmet!
  3. Check your equipment before you set off, and maintain it regularly!
  4. To protect yourself from animals and hunters only cycle in full daylight!*
  5. Extreme tours should always be accompanied!
  6. Stay on the marked stretches! Cross-field riding is dangerous and damages the environment!
  7. Adjust your cycling style and speed to the visibility conditions!
  8. Cycle acccording to your own level of fitness – cautious self-assessment!
  9. Hikers have priority over mountain bikers!
  10. Be considerate of nature – avoid rubbish and noise!
  11. Be careful of forestry work – take note of information!
  12. Always close cattle guards and gates!
  13. If necessary give first aid – always take equipment with you!
  14. Do not drink alcohol!
  15. Be considerate at rest stops (e.g. handling cycle stands and dirty clothing)!
  16. Get tips from the Nockbike specialists!
  17. Thoughtless and selfish behaviour will be punished!


*1 hour after sunrise at the earliest and 1 hour before sunset at the latest!